Homeowner FAQs

What is "Only Rent Houses, LLC"?
They are the premier house leasing company servicing Appleton, Neenah, Menasha, and the surrounding communities. They work for the homeowner to find a good tenant and assist prospective tenants looking to view the available properties. They specialize in lease properties with a rent from $1200-$3000/month.

Why would a homeowner use Only Rent Houses, LLC?

  • Financial strain of living one place while paying mortgage, taxes, utilities, lawn care, snow removal, & general maintenance on another home in the area.
  • Relocated and has a Fox Cities area home that is not selling
  • Relocated and is seeing similar homes selling for less than owed and the financial hit is more than they can or want to absorb.
  • Only Rent Houses, LLC has over 6 years of successfully matching homeowners with tenants

Is there a mandatory time the owner has to lease the property?
All conditions of lease are determined by the owner of the property.

Can I keep my house for sale with a tenant?
This is an owner;s decision. Many homeowners have found the financial relief of a tenant paying rent, utilities, lawn care & snow removal enough to allow them to remove the house from the market and not require tenants to accommodate showings.

Does Only Rent Houses, LLC negotiate terms or take payments of rent/deposits?
They are not a property management company and therefore does not collect rent or deposits or, negotiate leases.

Does Only Rent Houses, LLC supply leases and other occupancy forms?
A sample lease, related disclosures and pre-occupancy forms are available upon request. All forms are approved by the owner prior to use.

How long will it take to find a tenant?
Typically, there are more tenant inquiries than available properties to offer. Prospective tenant information is kept on hand for potential owner/properties that become available. Homeowners will experience an average of 2-3 months from launch to match. This approximation depends upon time of year, location, rent amount, etc. While they cannot guarantee a tenant, Only Rent Houses, LLC has a high success rate.

I live outside the area, how do I collect rent?
Only Rent Houses, LLC is not a property management company and therefore, cannot collect rent or deposits. Where rent should be sent, should be established in writing as part of the lease.

I live outside the area and need a property manager for the property, can you help?
Only Rent Houses, LLC can provide information for a reliable, knowledgeable and reasonable service that has handled many of the properties with whom Only Rent Houses, LLC has contracted.

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